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What would it look like if a group of busy people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, different age groups and life experiences, came together to pray, worship, love each other, do life together and humbly learn from each other; and in the process graciously and selflessly express their faith by serving their communities? Wouldn't that be amazing? That is the church that we see coming to life in Pearland. 

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You were made by God and for His pleasure. God loves you eternally and wants you to know Him intimately. Relationship with God gives meaning to life, and is made possible through faith in Jesus. By believing in Jesus and confessing Him as savior, we receive God's marvelous gift of forgiveness, grace and abundant life.


Our foremost pursuit is to know Christ and grow in relationship with Him. We want to launch a church in Pearland that creates a safe and non-judgmental worship environment for people to encounter God's awesome presence and experience life transformation.


We see "church" as a group of friends and neighbors doing life together by humbly learning from and about each other, then gently expressing their faith and devotion by lovingly accepting others just as Christ has accepted us.


We will come together on Sundays for worship and teaching; but meet in homes as small groups during the week, to build on our faith, as we continue to love and encourage one another. 


We want to be a church that is intentionally creating an inclusive atmosphere for everyone, regardless of who or where they are.  


You were created on purpose and for a purpose.​ And your life’s purpose is greater than your personal success. God designed you to make a difference with what you've been given. 

We want to encourage one another as we journey through the process of discovering our unique purpose and find our voice in God's amazing orchestra of life.  


Collectively we want to selflessly serve our communities, our city, our nation and the world. We seek to be a church that is not just in the community, but also for the community.

We long to see a culture of worship that incorporates different languages and art forms, because diversity reflects God’s greatness and beauty.