Don't Do Life Alone!

Connect Groups are 3-12 people who get together each week in a convenient location to grow and have fun together. The goal is to apply the Bible to daily life, have a short time of prayer and enjoy relationships. We practice community in groups.

Available Groups
(Starting September 4th -  December 4th, 2022)

Women’s Group 

Discover how to break free from the chains of negative thinking and experience true freedom from unhealthy thoughts and emotions. In this women's Bible study group, we will discover how to hold our thoughts captive and train our minds to recognize the truth of who God is. 

Men’s Group

This group is for guys who want to get together to encourage one another, pray, fellowship, hold each other accountable and serve in the community.  


Singles Group 

This is for single adults who want to connect with other singles. This group will participate in social activities, share their faith, encourage each other, and learn how to live a sound life.


Couples Group

This group provides couples the space and opportunity to unwind and connect with other couples in a relaxed, positive and non-judgment environment. 

Life Change Happens In Small Groups

We are not a church with small groups. We are a church of small groups. We small, love, support and group together in small groups. As our church grows larger through the weekend services, we grow smaller during the week. Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, and GROW in COMMUNITY.